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Paintings: Flowers, using gouache paint and collage

By Inspiration

Flower paintings using gouache paint and collage.  When framed, 70cms by 91cms

Weaving: Autumn Collection 2022

By Inspiration

Weaving: Summer Collection 2022

By Inspiration

Workshop: Exploring Global Textile Processes @ The Hepworth Wakefield

By News

Explore textile techniques with artist and teacher Joan Murray.

Using her collection of ancient and contemporary samples, Joan will highlight various weaves and methods of construction. As an introduction to handling yarns and using weaving equipment, she will demonstrate Peruvian braid making for traditional slings and slit tapestry straps.

You will guided to create samples, using card looms and other simple equipment to create small weaves, Peruvian braids, Japanese braids, and thread wrapping, inspired by Sheila Hicks’ organic and colourful pieces. You will have the opportunity to try working on a small rigid heddle table loom to explore simple colour and texture effects.

This session is suitable for beginners, though Joan will introduce techniques and approaches suitable to the experience level of individual learners.

Materials are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own materials to work with – bundles of threads, mixed yarn, scraps of fabric or hand spun yarn.

Sat 25 Jun 2022, 11am – 3pm

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Life Drawing Teaching at the Hepworth Wakefield

By News

22-23 Sept 2018, 10.30am – 4pm

£100 / £75 Members

The Hepworth’s life drawing weekend offers a structured, supportive environment in which to gain technical advice in key areas such as proportion, perspective, anatomy, line, gesture, tone and colour. Led by artist and designer Joan Murray, you will be encouraged to use this technical knowledge as a basis through which to develop your own style of life drawing, using a wide range of approaches and mediums.

The weekend will be structured around four sessions, each developing different skills:

  • A general introductory session, incorporating discussion around measuring and proprtion, development of a confident, relaxed relationship to the page through different mark making activities, and a series of short and mid-lenth poses focused on limbs and muscles.
  • A series of poses, followed by a longer piece, using drapery , exploring translucent and opaque fabric and the use of natural light. 
  • An exploration of foreshortening techniques and the use of artificial lighting through floor based poses. This session will include both short, rolling poses and longer reclined positions.
  •  The incorporation of props through a series of simple challenges, working towards longer poses and the opportunity to work up a more realised drawing. 

Throughout the sessions you will experiment with a variety of media, from pencil and graphite sticks to charcoal and collage. The sessions will be adapted to suit the needs of each participant based on your skill level and preferences.

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